School Balls


Don’t do the ordinary ~ Robbies Double Decker Party Bus has the ride for you.  Robbies is the only company in New Zealand with the largest number of unique double decker party buses that will take you and your friends to your school ball in style. We have Dotti and Daisy, the only two red London Double Decker vintage buses in Auckland as well as our British blues Doris and Dolly.  These double decker buses hold 15-70 passengers so cater for all group sizes!

It doesn’t matter if you only have a small group of people or you want to transport “lots” – Robbies Double Decker Party Bus will make sure you and your friends get to the ball (or after ball) on time, in style and with great sound systems on board (plug in your ipod or phone)  it will be a night to remember!

Call Robbie now on 0276559921 or free call 0800 ROBBIES

Robbies fun bus School Balls